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In the Footsteps of the Sages


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The Sage and the Universe


Celestial Energy


O you who dwell in the ocean of energy,

Near Heaven,

Prepare a ship for me that I might sail to the realm of light.

                                       Texts of the Sarcophagi, Ch.815



I follow the Great God,

Who has created Himself.

Who is He?


The ocean of primordial energy,

The father of the Gods.

                                                  Tomb of Queen Nefertari


I am the South,

I am the North,

I am the East,

I am the West,

I am the master of the universe.

I emerged from the ocean of primordial energy

at the same time as the divine light.

                                              The Second Book of Breaths


I am a follower of the divine light,

I have taken possession of Heaven.

I have come to You, my father Ra, divine light.

I have traveled light-filled space,

I have called upon the Great One,

I have traveled through the Word,

I have crossed into the solitude of the shadows

which lie on the road to the divine light.

I have gained Heaven.

                              The Book of Leaving the Day, Ch.13


Three is for Heaven,

Two is for the Earth.

                                            Texts of the Pyramids, 2156c


The Stars


I shall ascend into the space of light,

I shall cross the face of the Earth,

I shall walk in the light

And I shall wait upon the stars.

                                       Texts of the Sarcophagi, Ch.545


Can you rise,

Can you reach up to Heaven

like a great star rising in the East.

                                               Texts of the Pyramids 1038


You can be sure that this star has been placed above the world in the West,

and you shall never perish.

                                            Texts of the Sarcophagi Ch.9


The face of the reborn is uncovered.

He sees the master of the realm

of light while he travels the sky,

He appears like a great God,

Master of eternity,

Undying star.

                                         Texts of the Sarcophagi, Ch.88



I rejoiced since I have touched Heaven.

My head has pierced the sky.

I have felt the very stars,

I have reached joy,

So that I shine like a star,

And dance like the great constellations.

                                              Tomb of Sarenput at Aswan


I have flown like the swallow,

I have soared like the falcon.

I have risen to the place where Justice lies,

I have flown to the Blessed like the swallow.

The swallows are the undying stars

who give the Pharaoh

The Tree of Life in which they live.

                                            Texts of the Pyramids, 1770a


            Texts of the Sarcophagi, Ch.205





The primordial whole of the Two Lands in union,

Nourishment and substance before the Ennead,

the Union of the Gods,

A shining spirit among shining spirits:

It is for his sake that the waters of the ocean of primordial energy move.

It is for his sake that the north wind blows south,

It is so he can breathe that Heaven gives us air

And his heart knows contentment.

Plants grow thanks to his heart,

And the shining Earth gives forth abundance.

The sky above and the stars obey him.

                                                  Stele at the Louver C 286


The sight of men clears when they see You.

The trees turn toward His face,

Towards His single eye,

And their leaves open.

The fish leap in the sea,

The cattle gambol,

The birds flap their wings,

They perceive Him in His moment of perfection.

If they have life, it is because they see Him every day.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde


The Word is found in the ox,

Intuition in the cows.

Let them be fed without delay.



Pharaoh lives on the sweet fruits of the tree and the perfumes of the Earth.

                                              Texts of the Pyramids, 718c


Fill your arms with as many flowers as you can see.

All are needed, for it is good not to be deprived of them.



There is no river in existence that allows itself to be hidden, f

or it will destroy the dam that conceals it.



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