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The Darkest of Night



In this two part article we examine two unique Egyptian papyri. The first is an ancient Egyptian text that has never been released into the public domain before, called the Darkest of Nights.

The original papyrus is currently housed in the library at Alexandria and has been designated as being subject to restricted access by the Egyptian authorities and until today has never been freely circulated. Thoth Web’s Egyptologists have been granted exclusive access to this document, which they have duly translated.

The Darkest of Nights is without doubt one of the most beautiful texts ever to emerge from ancient Egypt. It is both a spiritual and magical text that details the love affair of Time and Eternity and concludes with an incantation – an Egyptian spell to unite the earthbound soul with its Ren, its true cosmic essence.

The text tells of the separation of the earthly and cosmic identity and instructs the reader as to how the two can be reunited. It also suggests that the spiritual leaders of 3,000 years ago themselves walked in ignorance of the truth, but that the truth is within our reach if we allow ourselves to let go of the shadows of illusion that use fear to anchor us to the physical world.

The text concludes with a spell intended to reconnect the individual with his or her true name or Ren and in so doing, connect the cosmic and the physical.

In Egyptian mythology it was by learning the ailing Ra's true cosmic Name that the goddess Isis was able to gain all his powers thus making her the most powerful magician in the universe and giving her the power of creation itself, enabling her to bring her beloved Osiris back from the dead.

The translated text for The Darkest of Nights can be found
here in Seshat’s Library. You’ll also find a range of other exclusive translations of Egyptian texts in the Library.

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The Darkest of Nights

From the beginning they came, the shape of night, the light of day. There is no darkness in any of them, only balance and perfection.

When the word was found by the man as a gift from the fountain of living things he placed it in a shrine of truth and surrounded it with mirrors so that the word was the only thing to be reflected, only Time was allowed to step inside with his speechless presence.

But Time doesn't speak the word of man. His voice is a soft wind that surpasses the face of the stars that lies where rivers are born, where sand becomes the heart of deep journeys. In sadness and sorrow the fountain of living things ran dry and Time saw her beloved Eternity fade into his arms, sacrificing herself into Him so that she could live forever in his soul.

Tears of Time fell upon the earth making worlds fade and be reborn again in a never ending circle, hoping men could start listening to the unspoken word and seeing what was not there for the eye to reach.

When Night walked upon the earth she saw time surrounded by clouds of dust in a silent despair, so she embraced him in silence when there was no one there to listen, when there was no one there to see, when only both of them knew what feelings were. In her deepest wisdom she showed herself to him and allowed him to know her name so that he could see her like nobody had ever seen before.

Peace covered Time all over his soul and he drifted through the Night on an endless journey through pale shadows and distant dreams. There, at a place where only he was allowed to go he found a door of light and by walking through it he saw the heart of Night; the gate of creation, where all names rest, where all real things lie down over the deepest understanding of their true essence. Time realized then, that was the perfect place keep the seed of his beloved Eternity that he had always carried inside him.

The Hall of Light became the cradle of immortality; the place where all souls are born, in the heart of the Night where there is only Light.

Time sacrificed himself so that Eternity could live again and he became only a thought and the blood that would run through the body of his beloved forever.

There in the heart of the night where there is only light, in memory of him, Eternity cried a path of stars that would lead to her; all of those that are wandering, thinking to be lost like once Time thought to be.

The shadows of some chose to believe in the curse of Time, it has never been there, and believing leads them to an unreal form of mortality. Only shadows, only shadows die, for their souls remain intact, their names waiting to be called again, their spirits waiting to be born again to understand and follow Eternity that calls for them, there, in heart of the night where there is only light. Know your soul. Hear you name. Listen. Listen to the heart of the night, where there is only Light."

The name, like the soul is never lost. He may be away from you drifting where you are too afraid to go. They made you believe it was dark in there, but is there a darkness bigger than thinking you are lost when you are just away from yourself? Is there bigger darkness than the one that surrounds all of those who made you believe the path is too dangerous for you to cross? How can they speak of darkness if they have never seen light?

Have you seen light? Oh you have seen light...because you are far beyond it, in a place where your name echoes with no fear of memory or world. So little they are now, so big they look.

Think of your lost name and you will know only the projection of you his lost in a world that is not real. Only light is real and darkness as well to make it even look brighter.

They tell of darkness but they have never wandered lost through it, or they would not tell you about it. They have never seen light either or they wouldn't tell you about the darkness that stands between you and light because there is none.

Only light can create, You are her son/daughter walk towards her, home is waiting. All the things than stand on your way, don't listen to them, they cannot touch you, they don't exist, but they will if you wish to believe them.

The name is not lost, only the projection of it may think so. Let your soul call yourself. She sees everything while you see what they made you believe you see.
And say it:

My name is in my hands, my name is in my arms, my name is in my head, my name is in my neck, my name is in my ears, my name is in my eyes, my name his in my nose, my name is on my shoulders, my name is on my back, my name is in my chest , my name is in my belly, my name is in my legs, my name is in my knees, my name is in my feet. My name runs all over my body and fills it entirely.

I walk upon my name only. I think upon my name only. I cannot be touched. I cannot be harmed. The world cannot harm what the world cannot see. I am invisible to the world. I am one with my name. I will be born again. I will be born again. For now I know my name.

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