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The True Identity 

Ancient Egypt and the Bible


Egypt the Living Truth

Enslaved by the Romans, who masterminded the mass slaughter of the Egyptian Priesthood, Educated elite and any one who could read and write, murdered by the Christian fanatical monks and their Roman Soldiers, who did everything in their power to destroy their Universities, Schools, and Education, in order to transfer the Egypt in utter darkness of ignorance, they even burnt and disallowed the Papyrus plant in Egypt. The last Hieroglyphics ever written was around 325 A.D.

Is it the greatest conspiracy ever made in history by the Romans in order to control their empire and create a division between all the middle eastern nations in order that they may never rise against Rome and be liberated from Roman rule.

Every religious sect in the world were targeted, especially Egypt and the rest of the middle east.    Now they can only  worship the way the Romans wanted or else face utter destruction, i.e. the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman legions in 70 C. E. and the mass slaughter of the Judean by the Romans.

Every one was hiding their libraries and books, buried them in the ground or caves, i.e. the Qumran caves in the Dead Sea in Judea and the Gnostic and Hermetic Library in Naga Hamadi in Egypt. In Egypt they buried the Statues in the Temples under the ground so that the truth will known one day and it was all discovered.

Who was the real benefactor of creating Christianity, God, or Rome. The Jews became the evil people who wanted Jesus crucified according to the biblical story, a price that they had to pay for dearly.

They replaced the Ankh, the sign of life, that was used by the Egyptian, the Jews and the early Christians by the crucifix the instrument and sign of Death, to remind the masses of what will happen if they don't obey the Roman Emperor.

"It is Our will that all the peoples who are ruled by the administration of Our Clemency shall practice that religion which the divine Peter the Apostle transmitted to the Romans....The rest, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative" (CTh. XVI.1.2).

                                                                                                                                                                                Emperor Theodosius


In 415 A.D. Under the command of the evil bishop Cyril, the Alexandrian Library and university and the Serapis Temple were destroyed by the Christian mob under the orders of their bishop, and the professors and governors were killed, Hypatia, head of the philosophy school in Alexandria, was dragged out of her chariot and then skinned alive by the Christian mobs using oyster shells, killed and then burned. Orestes, the governor of Alexandria, according to the contemporary accounts, objected to Cyril (the future saint) expelling the Jews from the city, and was murdered by Christian monks for his opposition. Orders were then given to exile the Jews of Alexandria after the slaughter of few thousands Alexandrians. then they moved onto every other Egyptian city doing the same thing, killing every Egyptian priest or priestess, burning of libraries and the destruction and burning of temples and schools, no one can stop them nor escape from this new evil, They destroyed the Gnostic and Hermetic Schools through out the country. With these dark bloody events thus begun the dark ages of Europe.

Why did the holy Roman Church destroyed and burn the Temples and killed every living priests and any who could read and write, not only pagans but also Jews? The answer is simple, so that they re-educate the people the way they wanted. As in Egypt the Copts, The Local Egyptian Orthodox Christian Church of Egypt, originally are from Syria and were migrated in Egypt by the Romans and obeyed the laws of Rome. So where did the real Egyptian disappear too?

Ever since 415 A.D. Gypsies (Egyptians) and Jews were kept alive but always prosecuted and killed by the church in their villages and their cities through out Europe, during the dark ages and medieval Europe, till the Seventeenth century A.D. in the name of Christ, but it was for the church always to blame the enemies of Christ in the event of any misfortune befalling their cities or villages in Europe and satisfying their populace ( the Spanish inquisition).

"Thou shalt not look back at Egypt"

"Thou shalt give thy back at Egypt"

                                                                                        Old and new Testament

However still in the bible a lot of hidden codes, and writing unlocking this conspiracy due to the rediscovery of Ancient Egypt and the beginning of a scientific age free from religious Tyranny, believes and superstitions, but may the lord protects us from those who still wants to destroy the truth, the real Evil and the enemies of Earth.

Is there a secret still hidden in the Church archives, or perhaps in the Vatican, are they afraid to expose the truth to the masses of humans not because it would be difficult to comprehend, but worst still, they are afraid to loose their power and their wealth that they have made and stole out of the blood of civilizations, it was them who cause terror, death and destruction to our own humanity since 415 Ad.. till today in the name of their god.

the Irony of it all is that history tends to repeat itself:

The Romans reform and rewrite the Judean Torah 

The Romans create Christianity

The Romans Force their ideology onto the middle east, changing the Torah of the Jews.

The Roman holy church Abolish Egyptian Religion and Philosophy

Christianity turns against Rome.

Christianity creates Islam,

Islam turns against Christianity.

The Crusade Wars against the Muslims for the holy land

Prosecution of of pagans,  Gypsies and Jews throughout the world

Hatred of the Gypsies and Jews and anti Semitic feeling grow in Europe.

Both Gypsies and Jews were not allowed to be educated as Doctors, Lawyers, and any other important jobs, except to trade in the street or to work as cheap labour or be involved in theatre and musical events.

This had a disastrous consequences during the Nazi rule who executed  millions Gypsies, Jews and others in the concentration camps in Europe by 1945 A.D. during the second world war.

The Vatican who supported the Nazi regime in the beginning of the second world war, only changed their support just before the end of the second world war, but helped few thousand SS officer to escape overseas. Their final hope to conceal their crimes came to an end with the defeat Nazi Germany. Their worst fear came true, The world began to change once more.

The Exiled Jews return to their lands in Judea in 1948 A.D. after almost two thousand years, and declare their state of Israel, only to find out that after 70 years of digging and excavations, there is still no archaeological evidence whatsoever of all these biblical stories and yet even worth, becomes more fanatical about it. No Moses, no David, and Solomon, no palaces, or pottery, letters or any evidence that can support the bible. They are baffled between the truth and the created myth.

Slowly the truth  began to be  revealed by archaeological excavations and by science, some of them even dare to comment that its the doing of Satan, he has hidden these artefacts thousands of years ago in order for us to find them today, and thus to weaken our faith.  

The church kept the masses in ignorance by lack of education, and the control of information,  such as alchemy and science, for it was considered as heresy and act of the devil for a long time and they burned people for this during these dark periods. today the cannot commit these genocide crimes against humanity openly, but still the evil within them always comes out, the church priest lust for molesting young boys, has caused uproar in the world, in every country there such biblical scandals, but why do they do it ?  why they do not rape or molest girls ? the answer is simple, a girl and a woman will scream out loud, where a boy will be scared from humiliation or god's  vengeance and his church. 

yet who to blame? the book ? the teacher ? or the student ? the bible is full of war crimes and genocide committed by the God, his angels and these

1- Mass genocide, 

2- Murder of men, women and children

3 Racial cleansing

4- Theft of property and lands

5- Rape of girls 

6- Rape and sodomy of Boys

7- Tyranny and terror

8- War Crimes

9- Conspiracy to commit wars and mass genocide 

10- Blackmail

11- Spying 

12- adultery

13- Conspiracy to commit murder

14- false witnessing 

15- forging of


17- slave trading

18- forced labour

 and the list can go on and on.

The USA and the  CIA creates the Islamic El Kayeda under Osama Bin laden to fight Communists in Afghanistan, they won and the soviet union pull out.

Osama Bin laden becomes the USA Enemy number one and conduct a holy war against the western world.

The USA invades Afghanistan and later Iraq, with the pretext of fighting terror, not for oil!!!

The world is now plunged into a war of terror, mainly by Muslim radicals and terrorist.

This cursed religion that is divided into three sects, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, till today did not cease to claim blood, lives and endless wars since its creation and declaration.

We must study and find our true quest and a way out of this blood bath and endless terror, by knowing the truth and the evidence that is presented before us by scientist and scholars through out the world.

We humans tend to believe in tales and stories of wonder, in the past and in the present, only today we still create our own myth, UFO's and abductions, the Atlantian theories and many other urban legends. may be in few thousand years from now, stories like count Dracula, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Ring will also become part of the Bible. Forgetting the truth of why it was written and by whom and to what purpose.

But now the truth reveal itself once more




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