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The Lord is God

There is only one God

All else is Chaos

   I Am Ankh (Life)

Ausar Un Nofer

Who is found perfect before the Neteru,

Has said:

These are the Elements of my Body,

Perfected through Suffering
Glorified through Trial.
For the scent of the Dying Rose

is as the repressed sigh of my suffering
And the flame-red Fire as the Energy of Undaunted Will.
And the Cup of Wine is pouring out the Blood of my Heart
Sacrificed unto Regeneration, unto the Newer Life
Which I destroy in order that they may be renewed.
For I am Ausar Triumphant, even Ausar Un Nofer, the Justified
I am He who is clothed with the Body of Flesh,
Yet in whom is the Spirit of the Great God
I am the Lord of Life, triumphant over Death.
He who partakes with me shall rise with me
I am manifestor in Matter of Those whose Abode is in the Invisible
I am purified, I stand upon the Universe
I am its reconciler with the Eternal Gods
I am the Perfector of Matter
And without me, the Universe is not.



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