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The Wisdom and Literature of Ancient Egypt

Kemet Ancient Egypt

"God hath made the universe,

And He hath created all that therein is…

He is the Creator of the world,

And it was He who fashioned it with His hands

before there was any beginning …

What His heart conceived came to pass…

And when He had spoken His word came to pass,

And it shall endure forever."

                                   Neb Ra Techer, God Almighty

The ancient Egyptians were the first civilization and culture to write down their Philosophies, Laws, Wisdom, Tales, Poetry and, thanks to their dry climate it preserved so much archaeological findings and discoveries that we were able to find out more about this enigmatic time and to search for more profound truth to the meaning of our life and journey on Earth and onto our resurrection in the After life. 

  Egypt Had so many Sages and great philosophers through its long history, many of their books have survived, rediscovered after thousands of years since the destruction of Egypt by the Romans, later by the holy Roman Church and other religions.

   Great debates have raged over some of the following texts. Scholars discovered that Ancient Egypt formed the basis of which some  Narratives of these Texts and mythical tales were inserted and copied into the all the Biblical Testament  by the Romans and the Holy Roman church in later ages.

These are Just a few  Books from Ancient Egyptian Tales, Literature, and Wisdom


Wisdom and Philosophy


Wisdom and Literature Literature, Tales and Magic

Articles and Research

RA God Almighty

The Turquoise Amulet

Legacy of the Egyptian Religion

The  42 Commandments

Poetry and love songs

Parallel in Religions

The Karnak  Temples  Proverbs

The Story of Sinuhy

The Egyptian Tree of Life

The Instruction of Sage Amenemope

Se Osiris - The Sealed Letter

King Ah Mose

Instructions of Sage Ankhsheshonq

The Book of Thoth

The Tempest Stele

The Admonitions of Sage Ipuwer

The Tale of the Two Brothers

Aton and the psalms 105

The Holy Prayers

Three Tales of Wonder

The True Identity of moses

Wisdom of Ptahotep

The Egyptian Cinderella

The True Identity of Jesus

The Living Wisdom

Battle of Megiddo 

The Famine Stele

Ani Wisdom

The Magic Book Princess Ahura

Biblical Genocide and Murder

Dispute Between a Man & his Soul

The Blinding of Truth by Falsehood

Abraham, Joseph, Solomon and David

The Magical Prayer

The Shipwrecked Sailor

The Truth of Geneses and The Exodus

Thunder, Perfect Mind

The Battle of Joppa (Jaffa)

The Egyptian Genesis Virgin of he World

The Darkest of Nights

The Doomed Prince


The Great Prophecy

The Mouse as Vizier

Hermes Trimagestus

The Tree of Life and Knowledge 

8th Book of Thoth in The Divine Pymander

Inventions and Discoveries

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