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Art, Wisdom & Knowledge

The Steps towards the rise of Humanity begun with Art, then Writing, and finally began the path to Wisdom and Knowledge  


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Exclusive Canvas Art. Limited editions.

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Nefertaum Akhenaton

Canvas Art Sale, a wide variety of art for home and corporate companies

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History, Art, Mummies, and Life in Ancient Egypt


The Ancient Art and Science of Oneness...

Ancient Egyptian Inventions and Discoveries

Mosaic Art

The Art of Living

Per Ankh 

 The House of Life is dedicated to revealing the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom. Per Ankh Built the biggest steps of foundations to our modern  Civilization. It is the oldest learning University in Ancient  Egypt, from there came the most Learned & Wisest men, and  they passed on their Knowledge, Wisdom and Culture to bring Order out of Chaos. To Educate, to inform, and to spread the True Knowledge and the understanding of the true Legacy and heritage of the Kemetic Culture

Egypt the Living Truth

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Ancient Egyptian Inventions and Discoveries

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  Ancient Egyptian Inventions and Discoveries

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