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RA, The Lord to the Up most Limits speaks 
before those who still the storm, at the sailing of the entourage: 

'Proceed in peace! 
I shall repeat to you four good deeds 
that my own heart made for me 
within the serpent's coils, for love of stilling evil. 
I did four good deeds within the portals of the horizon: 

I made the four winds

that every man might breathe in his place. 
This is one deed thereof. 

I made the great inundation,

that the wretched should have power over it like the great. 
This is one deed thereof. 

I made every Human like his fellow; 
I did not ordain them to do evil,

it was their own hearts which destroyed that which I Uttered.
This is one deed thereof. 

I made that their hearts should refrain from ignoring the Death, 
for love of making offerings to the Gods of the nomes. 
This is one deed thereof. 

I created the Gods from my sweat. 

Humans are from the tears of my eye. 



Journey to the Gates of Thoth

Djehuty Says

Let your Ba (Soul) rise!

Let your Ka (Double) shine!

Ba (Soul) can rise as high as you dare fly.

And Ka (Double) can shine for all eternity.

How have you accounted for your days?

Did you use them to the full or waste them doing nothing?

Bless the morning sun that gives you energy?

Or curse a life of boredom, waste and regret?

Write yourself a life today!

Expand your wings to fill the sky above!

As big as the world, as light as a feather,

Leave me such a heart to weigh



The Revival of Osiris (74) Resurrection

Ah Helpless One!
Ah Helpless One Asleep!
Ah Helpless One in this place
which you know not-yet I know it! 
Behold, I have found you lying on your side
the great Listless One.
'Ah, Sister!' says Isis to Nephthys, 
'This is our brother,
Come, let us lift up his head,
Come, let us rejoin his bones,
Come, let us reassemble his limbs,
Come, let us put an end to all his woe,
that, as far as we can help, he will weary no more.
May the moisture begin to mount for this spirit!
May the canals be filled through you!
May the names of the rivers be created through you! 
Osiris, live!
Osiris, let the great Listless One arise! 
I am Isis.'
'I am Nephthys.
It shall be that Horus will avenge you,
It shall be that Thoth will protect you
your two sons of the Great White Crown-
It shall be that you will act against him who acted-against you, 
It shall be that Geb will sec,
It shall be that the Company will hear.
Then will your power be visible in the sky 
And you will cause havoc among the [hostile] gods, 
for Horus, your son, has seized the Great White Crown, 
seizing it from him who acted against you.
Then will your father Atum call 'Come!' Osiris, live!
Osiris, let the great Listless One arise!'



Osiris, the Prototype of every Soul

Who Hopes to Conquer Death (197)

Now are you a king's son, a prince,
as long as your soul exists, so long will your heart be with you. 
Anubis is mindful of you in Busiris,
your soul rejoices in Abydos where your body is happy on the High Hill 
Your embalmer rejoices in every place.
Ah, truly, you are the chosen one! 
you are made whole in this your dignity which is before me, 
Anubis' heart is happy over the work of his hands
and the heart of the Lord of the Divine Hall is thrilled 
when he beholds this good god,
Master of those that have been and Ruler over those that are to come.


Mans Soul Identified with Both Osiris and With Nature (330)

Whether I live or die I am Osiris, 
I enter in and reappear through you, 
I decay in you, I grow in you, 
I fall down in you, I fall upon my side. 
The Gods are living in me

for I live and grow in the corn  
that sustains the Honoured Ones. 
I cover the earth, 
whether I live or die I am Barley. 
I am not destroyed. 
I have entered the Order,
I rely upon the Order, 
I become Master of the Order, 
I emerge in the Order, 
I make my form distinct, 
I am the Lord -of the Nutrition
I have entered into the Order,
I have reached its limits. . .




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