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The Lord Creator & His Five Manifestations

Atum  RA Ptah  Aten Amen

Creativity Illumination  Architect Energy Invisible


  Lord to the uttermost limit

Lord of time and space,

The Ever lasting God of the Universe.

One who possesses all, the God Almighty

The invisible power which filled all space, Eternity and Infinity

Oh Re, come to me, oh guide


Thus said Ra, the Lord of All, Lord of the Utmost limits,

Neb-Er-Tchar spoke after he had come into Existence:


I am he who came into being in the form of the Kheper Ra

I am He who comes into being and brings into being.

When I came into being, existence itself came into being.

All Existence came into being after I came into Existence.

Many were the beings that came forth from the commands of my Word.


I made the universe, and have created all that there in

I am the Creator of the world,

and it was I who fashioned it with my hands before there was any beginning

What my heart conceived came to pass

and when I have spoken my word it came to pass, 

and it shall endure forever.


All Manifestation came into being out of my Desire,

that aroused me to create the universe.

I am the creator of all which came into being,

I rose out of my own creation,

the celestial Primordial Ocean, My father Nu,

which existed in a state of inertness and helplessness.

that is to say, I am the Father & the Mother of My own Existence.

I am the creator of everything which came into being:

Now the things which I created,

and which came forth out of my divine Utterance

were exceedingly many.


Heaven had not come into being,

Earth did not exist, nor the children of the earth,

and all the creeping things, had not been created yet.

I myself raised them up from out of Nu

the primeval Cosmic Ocean, from a state of helpless inertness.


I found no place where on I could stand

in the vast empty space which I created

Heka is My Name, I am my own Will,

I uttered the name of the thing, on which to stand,

and all things, and places, came into being.

I laid the foundation of all things

by Thoth my Heart  and Maat, my Order

I live with my daughter Maat,

'one within me, the other around me'.

I created everything which had form.

Laying the foundations to all in my heart and Desire.


It was I who came into being in my manner

of being, taking on existence as what exists.

Thus I came into existence in the Primal Time.

After that beginning a host of ways

of being came into existence,

for before then there was no mode

of existence whatsoever in this Universe.

All that I did I accomplished alone,

before any other being came into existence

to create alongside me in these places.

There I created the modes of being

with the energy in me.

There I created in Nu

Nu,( the cosmos) while still drowsy,

while I had yet to find any ground

on which to stand upright.

But then my heart was filled with energy,

the design of creation appeared before me,

and I accomplished everything I wanted to do, being alone.

Conceiving designs in my heart,

I created a different mode of existence

and multitudinous ways of being were born of the Existent.

I was one by myself,

for I had not emitted from myself the Shu ( Air, Space)

I had not spat out from myself Tefnut; (Moisture, Water)

there existed none, who could create my will.


I laid the foundations of things in my own heart of Divine Conciseness,

and there came into being the multitudes of my creation,

which came into being from my creation

which were born from my created Souls

which arose from what they brought forth.


I embraced my Shadowy Hand as a wife,

I Copulated and had union with my hand,

and I poured seed into my own mouth,

and I sent forth from my seed energies

and begot the form of  my energies

I sneezed out Shu (Light & Air) and Spat out Tefnut (Moisture).


Tefnut (Moister & Water) is my living daughter

she shall be together with her brother Shu ( Air, Gas, Space);

his name is Life and her name is Maat (Balance, Truth, Justice and Order).


My father Nu Said:

My Eye was covered up behind Shu and Tefnut,

but after two hen periods had passed

from the time when they departed from me,

from being one, I became three gods, (the Power of Trinity)

and I came into being in Matter.

Then Shu and Tefnut rejoiced from out of the inert watery mass

Where in they and I were,

and they brought to me my Eye (my Vision).


Now after these things I gathered together my members,

and I wept over them, and men and women sprang into being

from the tears which came forth from my Eye.


And when my Eye (my Vision) came to me,

and found that I had made another Eye in place where it was ,

It was wroth with, raged at me,

whereupon I endowed it

(i.e., the (second Vision ) with the splendor which I had made for the first Eye (first Vision),

and I made it to occupy its place in my Face,

and henceforth it ruled throughout all this earth.


When there fell on them their moment through plant-like clouds,

I restored what had been taken away from them,

and I appeared from out of the plant-like clouds.

 I created creeping things of every kind,

and everything which came into being from them.

Shu and Tefnut brought forth Seb and Nut;

and Seb and Nut brought forth Osiris, and Heru-khent-an-maati,

and Set, and Isis, and Nephthys at one birth, one after the other,

and they produced their multitudinous offspring in this earth.


I am Ptah, I am not created, but simply Am.

I am who have created existence

by means of my heart and my tongue

by speaking the names of all things,

I Ptah caused them to be.


There came into being as the heart

and there came into being as the tongue

in the form of Atum.

I am The mighty Great One Ptah,

who transmitted life to all Netjeru,

as well as to their kas...


Thus it happened that the heart and tongue

gained control over every other member of the body,

by teaching that I am in every body

and in every mouth of all gods, all humans,

all cattle, all creeping things,

and every thing that lives,

by thinking and commanding everything that I wish

Thus all the gods were formed

and My Ennead was completed.


Indeed, all the divine order really came into being

through what the heart thought

and the tongue commanded.

Thus the ka-spirits were made...

by this speech... Thus were made all work and all crafts,

the action of the arms, the movement of the legs,

and the activity of every member,

in conformance with this command which the heart thought,

which came forth through the tongue,

and which gives value to everything.


from my Utterance of my Name, Word and will.

I am the Heka that existed before duality had yet come into being.

I am Atum who gives sweet air which you breath
for I am this egg which is in the Great Cackler,
I am the guardian of this great prop

which separates the earth from the sky.
If I live, it will live;

if I grow old, it will grow old;
if I breathe the air, it will breathe the air.
I am he who splits iron,

I have gone round about the egg,
I am even the Lord of Tomorrow.


I am who have created Maat, the divine order

I am master of destiny

I died and rose again, I am resurrection,

and the way into a another future life.

I am Ta-Tenen as the primeval mound


I am the breath of life

which emerged from the throat of the Benu bird,

I am Re in whom Atum appeared in the primeval

Naught, infinity, darkness and nowhere."

I am Atum! When I came into being

I rose up as a High Promodial Hill,
I shone as the Benben Stone in the Temple of the Phoenix."

"I am Atum-Kheper Ra, I became high on the height,

I rose up as a benben in the Mansion of the Benu."


The Four Good Deeds of God



 These are words spoken by Him-Whose-Names-Are­ Hidden,

the Lord of All, The Lord to the Limit speaks 


as He speaks before those who silence the storm

during the sailing of the company of Ra;

Hail and Peace! I repeat to you the Four Good Deeds

which my own heart and mind did for me in the midst of the serpent coil of evil,

in order to silence the turmoil.

I did Four Good Deeds on the threshold of the horizon.

I created the four winds so that every person might breathe in his or her time and place.

This is one of the deeds.

I created the great flood for irrigation

so that the humble might benefit from it like the great.

This too, is one of the deeds.

I made every person like his and her fellow;

and I did not command them to do evil.

It was in their own hearts and minds

which caused them to disobey that which I commanded.

This too is one of the deeds.

I made the hearts of men and women

so that they would not forget the day of death,

so that sacred offerings might be made to the divine powers of the Nomes.

And this too is one of the deeds.

Thus, I have created the divine powers from my sweat

and humankind from the tears of my eye. 


And His Majesty Ra, Lord of All, spoke to Isis the Great, saying:

I am He who made heaven and earth and knitted together

the mountains and created all that exist upon them.

I am He who made the primeval water and caused heaven to come into being.

I am He who made the male and the female

so that the joys of love might come into the world.

I am He who made the heavens and the hidden places

of the two horizons so that the souls may dwell in them.

I am He who when He opens His eyes,

it becomes light and when He closes His eyes,

it becomes dark;

He at whose command the waters of the Nile rise

and whose name the Exalted Ones do not know.

I am He who creates the hours so

that the days come into being.

I am He who initiates the New year festivals

and creates the flood waters.

I am He who made living fire

so that the works of the houses might be performed.

I am Kheper, the Bringer into Being, in the morning,

Ra, the Most High and Glorious at noon

and Atum, the Complete One in the evening.

The Prayer of Eternity

I shine, and am seen every day 
in this authority of the Lord to the Limit. 
I made the night for the Weary-hearted. ** 
I will sail aright in my bark; 
I am the lord of the waters, crossing heaven. 
I do not suffer for any of my limbs. 
Utterance together with Magic 
are felling for me that evil being. 
I shall see the horizon and dwell within it. 
I shall judge the wretch from the powerful, 
and do likewise against the evildoers. 
Life is mine; I am its lord. 
The scepter shall not be taken from my hand. 
I have placed millions of years 
between me and that Weary-hearted one, the son of Geb; 
then I shall dwell with him in one place. 
Mounds will be towns. 
Towns will be mounds. 
Mansion will destroy mansion.' 

I am the lord of fire who lives on truth, 
the lord of eternity, maker of joy,

against whom the otherworldly serpents have not rebelled. 
I am the god in his shrine, the lord of slaughter,

who calms the storm, 
who drives off the serpents,

the many-named who comes forth from his shrine, 
the lord of winds who foretells the north wind, 
many-named in the mouth of the ennead, 
lord of the horizon, creator of light, 
who illumines heaven with his own beauty. 
I am he! Make way for me 
so that I shall see Nu and Amen. 
For I am a blessed spirit,

equipped with otherworldly knowledge; 
I shall pass by the fearful ones - 
They cannot speak the spell

which is on the end of the book-roll; 
they cannot speak for fear of him whose name is concealed,

who is within my body. 
I know him; I am not ignorant of him. 
I am equipped, excellent in opening portals. 

As for any human who knows this Prayer, 
he shall be like Re in the east of heaven, 
like Osiris within the Netherworld; 
he descends into the entourage of fire, 
without there being a flame being against him,

for all time and all eternity! 

Thus, he recounts all his beneficial deeds when he created the world, and for the first time, we also find him foretelling the end of this creation after "millions of years". The Lord, only he and the followers of Osiris will survive beyond this end of time. 







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