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In the Footsteps of the Sages


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The God of the Sages

God is One


You are the One.

No father conceived you,

No mother gave birth to you.

                                                                    Hymn to Ptah


You are unique,

You are He who existed before existence,

You are the Creator of Heaven and Earth,

Who offers plenty to all without cease.

                                                                    Lyons Stele 88


The One who is unique created all that exists,

And the Earth appeared for the first time.

His origins are mysterious,

His forms innumerable,

His beginning is unknown…

All living things came into existence when He was born.

Nothing exists beyond Him.

He hides Himself in His true manifestation,

A shining lamp, full of light.

                                                        Cairo Papyrus 58032



God is the Sculptor who sculpted His own form,

The Modeller who has never been modelled,

The Unique One who travels eternity.

                               Hymn of the architects Souti and Hor


He is the one who created himslef and whose form remains unknown,

A perfect creation who reveals Himself in sacred symbols,

Who created Himself and His statues,

A great power who acted according to His heart,

Whose seed fertilized His body,

And whose womb gave birth in the Heart of Mystery.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde



One who remains unique,

Creating beings,

One who remains unique,

Possessor of numberless arms.

A unique Form who created all that exists,

One who created all living things and remains One,

From His eyes came Man,

From His mouth the Gods were born.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Cairo


Trinity of God



There are three Gods: Amon, Ra and Ptah.

As Amon His Name is hidden,

His face is the divine light, Ra,

His body, Ptah.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde



The Eight were Your first Manifestation,

Until You had perfected Your number,

Being the One.

Your body is hidden amongst the Ancient Ones,

You hide Yourself as Amon at the head of the Gods.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde


God reveals Himself in millions of forms.




The Hidden God



Amongst mankind, generation succeeds generation.

God, who knows their hearts, is hidden.



The hiding place which veils the Gods is unique,

And does not reveal its true form.

None of them knows its true nature,

which is not revealed in any writing.

No one can describe it,

It is too vast to be understood,

Too mysterious to be known.

If anyone pronounces its secret name they will be destroyed.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde


You are Amon, the Hidden God,

Lord of Silence,

Who comes when the humble call,

You give life to those without it.

                                                                    Stele at Berlin


God appears unseen on the wind.

His presence fills the night.

He creates what is above in Heaven as He does what is below on the Earth.

                                                              Tablet from Cairo



God is found in the primordial waters,

They do not make him unknowable,

That which is hidden there manifests itself.



Those who say: ‘That can’t happen’ should take a look at what is hidden.

Every day God reveals the secrets of His creation on the Earth.




God and Man



Man is clay and straw,

God is the builder,

Each day He demolishes and builds.




The human race never accomplishes anything.

It’s what God commands that gets done.



God is always perfect.

Man is always imperfect.

The words of men are one thing.

The actions of God another.





If destiny and fortune exist,

It is because God has sent them.

                                                                Insinger Papyrus



The Paths of God



Oh my twice-great master Thoth,

The Only One,

Who has no equal,

Who sees and hears whoever passes.

Who knows whoever comes,

With the knowledge of everything that happens!

You have made my heart walk upon your waters,

He who walks on your road will never stumble.



Oh people living on this Earth,

And those yet to be born,

You who come to this mountain,

You will see this tomb and pass by it.

Come, I will guide you on the Road of Life,

You will sail with a favorable wind, without accidents,

And you will arrive at the abode of the City of Generations.

The road of the man who obeys God is straight.

Happy is he whose heart urges him to follow it!



To walk on the road of God is to be filled with light,

Great are the advantages gained by those who

Discipline themselves to follow it.

It is a monument raised by them on this Earth,

Those who follow the Paths of God,

Those who cling to the Ways of God,

Spend all their lives in joy,

Gathering riches without equal.



Those whom God guides do not go wrong.

Those whose boat He takes away cannot cross.





Serving God



Celebrate the monthly ceremony of the Servant of God,

Put on your sacred sandals,

Go to the temple,

Enter the Sanctuary,

Eat the bread of the Temple of God,

Renew the libations on the altar,

Add to the offerings,

Take good care of your monuments as a duty of your power.

A single day can be the equivalent of Eternity,

A single hour can suffice for the future,

Since God knows who acts for Him.




Celebrate the feast of your God,

And begin it at the correct time.

God is unhappy if He is neglected.



Venerate God on your road,

Whatever form He may take,

Whether it be of precious stones or embodied in a copper statue.

One form will replace another form,

As the annual floods follow the annual floods.



All that can be surveyed, from the beginning to the end of the measuring cord, is His domain.

His royal rule measures the stones,

He places the measuring cord on the Earth,

He gives justice to the countries and temples.

Every city is under His shadow,

His heart moves according to His will.

Hymns are sung to Him in the temples,

Every place of work exists thanks to His love.

On festival days beer is brewed for Him,

The night is spent awake reflecting on His miracles,

While His name is chanted from the roof of the Temple

And His song rises to Heaven.

                                                    Hymn to Amon at Leyde


My heart inclines to You,

Master of the Constellations.

Thanks to You my hunger is satisfied without food,

My thirst is quenched without drinking…

You are a father to the motherless,

A husband for the widow.

How sweet it is to say Your name!

It tastes of life,

The taste of bread for a child.

He clothes the naked,

He is like food for the spirit.

                                            Graffito on the tomb of Pairi


May no part of me be without God.

May Thoth the God of Knowledge protect me.

                                               The Second Book of Breath


Mingle with the Gods in Heaven,

May no one be able to distinguish between you and one of Them.

May your body become like His which both exists,

yet does not exist, for all eternity.

                                   Ritual of the Opening of the Mouth


 God and Light


God created the light and the darkness in which all creation exists.



You are the Divine Light who has appeared in Heaven

And lights up the Earth with the perfection of Your shining eye,

You who came from the Ocean of Beginning,

Who appeared from the primordial waters,

Who created everything,

Who formed the Great Union of the Gods,

Who is self-begotten in His chosen forms.

                                                   Amenhotep, son of Hapu



You appear in perfection on the horizon of Heaven,

A living Disc, the origin of Life!

From the moment that You rise in the eastern skies

You fill all beauty with Your beauty;

You are abundance, You are great and shining, rising above the land.

                                                   The Great Hymn to Aton



You call on the Divine Light,

It is the Master of Forms who listens,

It is the Master Creator who replies.

                                                            Song of the Harpist


When I walk upon the celestial waters,

I worship the sunrise like the light of my own eye.

I am the Great God, I have come into existence.

I gather my names.

Yesterday belongs to me, I know tomorrow.

I am the phoenix, there is no impurity in me.

I know the way,

I aim for the isles of the just

I reach the country of light,

I restore my sight,

I see the light,

I am the one of the beings of light who lives in the light.

                                The Book of Leaving the Day, Ch.64


I am the diving Light, master of the light.

The Word is mine.

It is thanks to the Word I can cross the sky.

                                      Texts of the Sarcophagi, CH.818


I am the hidden form at the centre of the light.

I go through fire and emerge without harm.

                                       Texts of the Sarcophagi, Ch.246


Pharaoh has placed a divine light for him which is like a heavenly stair beneath his feet.

                                            Texts of the Pyramids, 11808


You have the light in your hands,

You will appear by day like the perfect glow of the divine light spreading over the whole world.

                                                              Embalming Ritual


Divine light,

Allow me to be one of your companions,

A member of the crew that sails in your heavenly ship.

                                                                    Florence Stele




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