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"I am the Universe, I am the Past, I am the Present and the Future.

For I am The One."

The Complete Encyclopaedia

Ancient Egypt, Price US $ 175.00  Price in SA Rand 1,200.00.

Contains over 7000 files and 22000 pictures and illustration

 Ancient Egyptian Studies 

Heka Courses


The Great Sage & Prophet

Lord Amenhotep Hapu

Do you belong to the HEKA?  

This Order of Magic, from the 

Ancient Egyptian school of Mysteries and Mysticism 

is now, for the first time, being taught in South Africa. 

Incarnate into the Wisdom, Knowledge, Eternal Divinity and 

Heka Order as ordained by  Lord Djehuty (Thoth) 

thousands of years ago. 


Learn about the Spiritualism, Wisdom, and Magic of Ancient Egypt



Duration is 15 week course


Cost of Course R 500.00 per Month



The Course Includes


The Creation and the Njeteru


The Priesthood


The Divine Spirit

Ka Ba and self Enhancement

Heka, the Magic of Ancient Egypt

Rituals & Prayers

Ra the Almighty God

The Gnostics of Thoth

Isis & Horus

Wisdom & Literature

The Sages & Philosophers

The Egyptian Mysteries

Mind & Conciseness

The True Bible

The Maat Concept and the natural Law





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Terms and Conditions apply 


The basic course serves as an introduction to the ancient Egyptian History, way of life and Wisdom and Culture.

The Egyptology course runs once a week (3 hours) for 12 weeks   

This course requires approximately 4 hours per week for homework and reading. 

please contact for further queries

Cost R 2000.00 for the whole course

House of Life Egyptology  Course (HOL1)


Week 1  Introduction and Land and Habitats
  • What was House of Life?
  • What are the aims and Mission of Per Ankh
  • Land and Habitat  including Zoology, Botany, geography & Nile River
  • Paleolithic to Pre-dynastic Egypt (including the Scorpion King & Narmer)


Week 2  Religion and Spiritualism
  • The Priesthood
  • The Creation
  • Gods and Goddesses


Week 3  History and Politics - Pharaonic dynasties
  • Old Kingdom
  • Middle Kingdom
  • New Kingdom
  • Late kingdom
  • Ptolemy's


Week 4  Court, Government and Administration
  • The Royal Court
    • The Royal Family
    • Courtiers
  • Government
    • Law and Order
    • Military and War
Week 5  Social Life
  • Recreational Life
  • Houses and Villas
  • Love and Sexuality
  • Music and Dance
  • Games and Sport
  • Pets and Hunting
  • Tales and Comics
  • Games and Toys
  • Fashion and Textile
  • Food, Nutrition and Diet
Week 6  Trade, Industry, Arts, Crafts and Tools
  • Trade and Industry
    • Trade and Commerce
    • Agriculture and Farming
    • Mines and Quarries
    • Tools
  • Arts and Crafts
    • Sculpture
    • Relief and Painting
    • Jewellery
    • Furniture
    • Vases and Pottery


Week 7  Afterlife, Magic and Mummification
  • Mummification
    • Human
    • Animal
    • Mummy Investigations
  • Afterlife
  • Heka and Magic
Week 8  Wisdom, Literature
  • Wisdom
  • Literature

Week 9 The Sciences

  • Education and Universities
  • Medicine
  • Astrology and Calendars
  • Math and Geometry
  • Architecture
  • Hieroglyphics and Language
Week 10  The Legacy 
  • Akhenaton
  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Pythagoras
  • Gnosis
  • House of Life

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