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More relevant today than ever, CHRISTIAN JACQ’s The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt brings a message of peace and harmony from the most ancient wisdom of the world.

‘He who understands reality, myths and rituals’ is how the Egyptian sage portrays himself: he whose entire existence rests on knowledge, and not belief.  Accomplishing what is right, finding virtue in everything, never evading responsibility, and respecting what is worthy – these are just some of the true sage’s daily tasks.

It is because Egyptian civilisation knew how to mould people of this quality that it has successfully conquered the ravages of time, of barbarism, of hostile invasions and destruction.  Despite the troubles and hardships this people faced, their underlying wisdom continues even now to shine through, to touch our lives in many significant ways.  And it is undoubtedly this wisdom that is the true secret and legacy of the Ancient Egyptians.

CHRISTIAN JACQ, a passionate Egyptologist and the author of the best-selling Ramses series of novels has selected the finest examples of Egyptian wisdom ranging from the sayings of famous Pharaohs to anonymous scribes and inscriptions touching on both everyday and religious matters.  This irresistible book invites us to explore the eternal mysteries of Ancient Egypt, and to discover there the roots of our own beliefs and the peace and inner harmony we need to face the stresses of our modern world.

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