Origins of the Biblical Texts
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Material Borrowed by the Romans


for the creation of the Bible, Joseph , Moses, Jesus and many other Biblical Myth.


1- The Egyptian theology


God of the Neteru the creator Atum =Adam

Jewish oral tradition spoke the names

The Creation of RA


2- Isis & Horus and Set

The Hiding of Horus son of Isis and Osiris from his  Evil uncle Set, who wanted to kill him after he killed his father Osiris, where his mother Isis hid him in a reed basket in the Nile



3- The Book of Life

(The Forty Two Commandments)



4- The Expulsion of the Hyksos  

(Actual History)


      (Ka Mose & Ah Mose, the Princes of Thebes)

        The war Biography

        The Tempest Stele

        The Expulsion of the Hyksos

        Menatho & Josephus Flavius



5- The Akhnaton Period

(Actual History)


History of Akhnaton

The Aton Religion (Adoni)

The Psalms 104

History of the city of Akhetaten and the mass exodus and evacuation of the Atenist followers  of King Akhnaton Grand child of King Thoth Mose IV, son of king Amen Hotep III ( Solomon) the peace of Amen, Akhnaton was called the lepers, the madman, the cursed and the heretic.



6- Dates and Chronology

History, Science and Facts

Actual Kings and Dates



7- Senuhy



        The Escape of Sinuhy to the Sinai to live with Bedouin Tribes

        and is Given the Daughter of the Chief of the Median Tribes and the Best lands as a gift

        Fight a Dual with the giant of the Retinue and Defeat him (David and the Goliath)



8- Stena Khaem Mose & Si Osiris

the sealed letter



Magic Tale of the Battle and challenges between two Magicians, the Grand son of Ramses II and the Nubian in the Court of Ramses II and with some plagues.


9- The Admonition of Ipuwer


Ipuwer an Egyptian Prophet




10- The Plagues of Sekhemet & the Destruction of Mankind




11- The Lotus Necklace Flower



Tales of King Khufu and the Opening of the Water of  Nile by two by the powerful

Egyptian Magician the High priest of Memphis in order to retrieve a necklace



12- The Drowning of the Persian Army by the Nile Flood

(Actual Battle)

by Herodotus


The Drowning of the Persian Army in the Sea of Marshes (Yom Suf) during the Flood Season of the Nile Annual Flood



13- Menatho's Histories

Josephus Flavius (History of the Jews)


Against Apion

The Story of the Hyksos, and Akhenaten, very confused historically



14- The Prophesies of ( Thoth) Hermes

Theology & Philosophy

Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus, Gnostics and Egyptian Philosophy



    15- The Tale of the Two Brothers


Where some of Joseph story was copied about a Magical tale of the Two Brothers



16- The Famine Stele


When Famine struck Egypt for seven years during the time of King Djoser, and Situation saved by the famous Vizier Imhotep, later defied as son of God in 2600 B.C. One hundred years before the god of the bible even created earth, according to the bible only.


17- Instructions of Amenemope

Copied in the Proverbs found in the bible


18- Osiris, Isis, Set and Horus

 The Story of Jesus



These are just some of many examples of parallels inserted into the bible from pure Egyptian literature and philosophies




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