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    Ziad  Nour, Born in Rome on the 2nd of May 1964, grew up in Cairo and later Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria was the culture capital of the Hellenized world where the greatest scientists, philosophers, astrologers, artists and mathematicians came together to share their knowledge with each other and enlighten the world. Egypt's history dates back to more than seven thousand years, where it remains to fascinate people from all over the world.  Egyptology and Art were the main focus of Ziad since his childhood, he was drawn into it and follows the Kemetic Ways of the Ancient True Knowledge as decreed by the Lord Thoth, Lord of Wisdom & Knowledge. Ziad set out as a child to relearn the truth about our worldly heritage and share this truth with the rest of humanity. 

Ziad Nour


    In the honour of those great Men and Women of Ancient Egypt and the world, Pharaohs, Philosophers, Sages, Scientists, Divine Priests and Healers that have built us the foundation of our true Civilization, which was only temporary destroyed and their legacy stolen by the Romans, and other dominant  Religious institutions for their own selfish use of domination and total control, it started by the Romans and later under the Holy Roman Church who have committed the greatest acts of Genocide, Murder, Torture, Sexual abuse, Rape, Theft, Crimes against humanity,  and the Greatest Conspiracy of deceit, Historical forgery and Deception in the history of our Earth and Humanity. This holy Christian church, and its inquisitions, has burned, killed, and tortured millions of innocent people,  called them pagans, heretics, or concert of Satan. the world had enough of terror and murder of human lives, for the sake of fake religions, due to the inscription in these books, that shows that the first Genocide and war crimes were committed by these religion in the name of their fake god. these biblical books are full of crimes that demand its followers to commit these horrific acts, yet it is the same followers that always complain about terrorism and the stopping of murder.  Read these biblical texts and you will discover these truth. 

    We are Born  into modern world that is ruled by a dogmatic system which controls the lives and the death of millions of humans till today, hiding behind a veil of religious control and  dogmas of millennia of lies, misconception and deceit which have forced their way as an accepted belief systems. Faith was then replaced by belief, and believes were dictated to us by fear of a very angry and vengeful god and his servants, described in the Gnostic systems as the true Evil dark force that rule the Earth, just to control and enslave the masses, and keep ignorance ruling the world, and the terrorizing of Men, Women and children, all in the name of this dogmatic system, for it is their only way to survive their temporary escape from universal Judgment, but not for long, for the Energy of Maat ( Balance, Order ,and Justice) will Rejoice over the decaying Asfat (Chaos, Darkness and Evil).

   Today we discover a different truth, thanks to science, archaeology, and education, the secrets that were hidden  beneath the grounds for almost thousands of years, has began to reveal the truth, and people are being educated and able to read the dogmatic religious books for themselves and began to question them.

We shall continues our quest to  bring the truth about ancient Egypt and the  Spiritual Wisdom and Philosophy that we need for our Earthly life and our return to the One . 

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